City of Hillsboro receives $250,000 WEDC grant to fund state-of-the-art medicine and fitness center

HILLSBORO, Wis. – Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes visited Hillsboro Friday to see the expanded Hillsboro Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center. The city received a $250,000 grant from WEDC to help develop a community health and wellness center.

WEDC CEO CEO Missy Hughes

“This project not only improves the health and wellness of Hillsboro residents but play a key role in bringing new visitors and businesses to downtown Hillsboro,” Hughes said. “WEDC is committed to working with local communities to foster economic well-being, quality of life, and a sense of community.”

The Community Development Investment Grant supported the rehabilitation and renovation of the former Benjamin Franklin building at 821 Water Avenue for the expansion of the Hillsboro Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center (HCRC). The expansion increases the center’s capabilities, and adds a 24-hour gym, massage therapy services, and chiropractic services to the community.

Chiropractor Brian Miller, a Wisconsin native, is the founder and owner of HCRC. The center focuses on specialized, non-invasive care including chiropractic adjustment, laser therapy, and muscle therapy.

“Here at HCRC we treat a lot of acute patients, and this new space will allow our patients to get the treatment they need,” Miller said.

Throughout construction, Miller has connected with the broader community by using primarily local contractors and employees as well as commissioning the high school art class to design a mural for the new building.

“Having the city and WEDC working with us has been huge,” Miller said.

Promoting physical activity among rural adults can have major positive public health impacts, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Rural residents are less likely to meet federal physical activity recommendations when compared to their urban counterparts. Insufficient physical activity can be a major contributing factor to obesity, chronic health conditions and a lower quality of life. This community-based wellness center will help increase access to health and wellness resources, promoting healthy habits and improving the overall quality of life of residents.

Hillsboro City Administrator Josh Finch

The HCRC project is not only aimed at improving community health but also contributing to the economic development of downtown Hillsboro. Having health and wellness services locally will keep residents and visitors from driving to other communities to meet their needs. Additionally, wellness centers bring a steady flow of customers downtown who will often use other businesses for food, recreation, shopping, and other services.

“This construction is filling holes in our downtown and bringing life to the community,” said Josh Finch, city administrator for the city of Hillsboro. “The wellness center will keep people from driving up to 45 minutes for these kinds of services. It’s going to create more jobs and encourage people to move to this community.”

WEDC’s Community Development Investment Grant Program supports community development and redevelopment efforts, primarily in downtown areas. The matching grants are awarded based on the ability of applicants to demonstrate the economic impact of the proposed project, including public and private partnership development, financial need, and use of sustainable downtown development practices.

From the program’s inception in 2013 through March 2023, WEDC has awarded nearly $45.2 million in CDI Grants for 215 projects expected to generate nearly $879 million in capital investments statewide.

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