Viroqua Police Chief’s appeal of suspension denied in court

VIROQUA, Wis. – The Viroqua Police and Fire Commission voted to suspend Viroqua Police Chief Rick Niedfeldt for 10 days of unpaid leave back in December of 2022 following an investigation on several misconduct charges and a five hour public. Niedfeldt appealed that decision to the Vernon County Circuit Court, and in April Judge Darcy Rood issued a ruling denying that appeal and ordering Niedfeldt to serve the 10-day suspension. We recently received a copy of that decision and have included it here.

According to city officials Niedfeldt has already served that 10 day suspension on June 1 and 2, June 5 – 9 and June 12 – 14. Niedfeldlt had been a paid suspension for several weeks prior to public hearing pending the outcome of the investigation.

On November 30 of 2022 the Viroqua Police and Fire Commission held a public hearing to decide what to do about four charges brought against Niedfeldt following an investigation by a former Police Chief hired by the city to look into the charges. Mayor Justin Running ordered the investigation and former Grafton Police Chief Charles Wenten conducted an extensive investigation into the allegations.

Niedfeldt was hired by former Viroqua Mayor Karen Mischel and started his job as police chief on Sept. 30, 2019.

Tom Weston (Chairperson), Alycann Taylor, Brian Ekern, Barbara McNeal, Gloriane Noble, David Olson, William Anderson, Bill Schultz

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