Vernon County Sheriff’s Office honors telecommunications personnel

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Sheriff Roy Torgerson would like to announce National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week from April 9-15, 2023.  Sheriff Torgerson would like to take this opportunity to thank all the 911 dispatchers at the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office who are involved in the task of emergency communications and for their part in keeping Vernon County safe.  The dispatcher’s job is critical within emergency services and is a unique part of the services that the Sheriff’s Office provides every day.

The demands on these dedicated men and women are increasing with every advancement in technology.  The Vernon County Sheriff’s Office began its dispatch center in 1937 with one dispatcher to answer telephones and the radio system.  Today, the 911 dispatch center has evolved into an operation that not only deals with many phone systems, radio systems and computer programs.  On a day-to-day basis, the dispatch center will receive many non-emergency and emergency calls all while dispatching law enforcement, fire departments and emergency medical services to the scene.  In one year, the Vernon County 911 Dispatch Center will receive over 30,000 calls. 

The professionalism, patience and character of the Vernon County 911 dispatchers is unmatched.  Sheriff Torgerson would like to recognize the men and women who provide this critical and valuable service to our community…. EVERY DAY.  Sheriff Torgerson, along with all the men and women at the Sheriff’s Office, would like to personally say “Thank You” to the following 911 dispatchers:

Sergeant Bruce Olson – serving since 1992

Dispatcher Ryan Easterday – serving since 2017 (served in the detention center from 2005-2017)

9-1-1 Dispatcher Corinna Halvorson – serving since 2017

9-1-1 Dispatcher Yanicka Lunde – serving since 2017

9-1-1 Dispatcher Cyndal Johannes – serving since 2021

9-1-1 Dispatcher Alexis JaDoul – serving since 2021

9-1-1 Dispatcher Dylan Krause – serving since 2022

9-1-1 Dispatcher Lindsey McGregor – serving since 2023

9-1-1 Dispatcher Lily Clements – serving since 2023

Click here to learn more about National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week


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