Tomah man injured after jumping from second story to evade drug search

TOMAH, Wis. – A Tomah man was injured while attempting to flee from Monroe County deputies during a search warrant Tuesday night.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at around 8 p.m. the Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at an apartment above Kelsey’s Bar in the City of Tomah where the man lived. The Sheriff’s Office had received information from multiple sources, as well as a Crime Stoppers tip about drugs being sold out of the apartment. The Sheriff’s Office investigated further and found that Leonard Figgins, 34, was selling methamphetamine and cocaine out of his apartment.

While serving the search warrant, deputies found that Figgins had fled his apartment and went into the neighboring apartment through a fire escape. The Sheriff’s Office got another warrant for the neighboring apartment and upon entry they found that Figgins had barricaded himself in one of the bedrooms. As deputies were making entry, Figgins broke out a window and jumped from the second story to the sidewalk below. Figgins injured both ankles from his attempt to flee and was taken into custody before being transported to the hospital. The search of Figgins’ apartment yielded more drugs and other evidence.

Figgins is known by the Sheriff’s Office as he has had an extensive criminal history, including previous convictions for possessing and delivering cocaine, and possessing THC. In 2014, Figgins was arrested in Tomah for attempted homicide, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm that stemmed from an incident in Pennsylvania.

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