Vernon County Spring election results

Justin Running will remain mayor of Viroqua winning his race over Patrick Robbins 843-239. In a social media post Robbins congratulated Running on his win stating:

Patrick Robbins

“Congratulations Justin Running on your second term as Mayor of Viroqua. I wish you the best over the next two years. I pray you will keep Viroqua and its citizens’ best interests in mind. To my fellow citizens of Viroqua, I will keep working towards making the city great through local non-profits. I want to thank everyone who supported me. I greatly appreciate it. I want to thank all of Viroqua for allowing me to run for office. This has been an amazing experience and one I will never forget. Thank you!”

Mayor Running also posted a message via social media saying:

Viroqua mayor Justin Running

I am thrilled to continue to serve our community as the Mayor. The support from our community has been great. I encourage everyone to be active by attending city meetings, volunteering for community events, finding civic organizations to join and…don’t forget to take time to enjoy everything our community has to offer. Many thanks for showing up to the polls today!

Two of the three school referendums in the county passed. Kickapoo (362-320) and Westby (1033-683) both passed their referendums but De Soto’s voters rejected their referendum (851-369).

City of Viroqua Alderpersons Andrew Bergum (District 2) , Emma Hood (District 4) , Cyndy Hubbard (District 6) and Kristal Welter (District 8) all ran unopposed. Hood replaces Alderperson Tanja Birke who stepped down after moving out of District 4.

Vernon County

A couple of incumbent Vernon County Board supervisors lost their races to challengers. In District 7 incumbent Mary-Meehan Strub lost her race to challenger Nathaniel Slack 165-131. In District 14 long-time board member Ole Yttri lost his seat to challenger Wayde Lawler 275-113.

District 1 incumbent Will Beitlich hung onto his seat by defeating challenger Benjamin Hein 252-159.

In the vacant seats David Strudthoft wins his way back onto the board in District 2 by defeating Loren Bechtum. Strudthoft had previously served in the same seat and decided to run again when incumbent Kyle Semke decided to step down.

In District 5 were two newcomers and Bruce Kilmer appears to have squeaked past Nicolas Erlandson 176-175.

In District 17 Lonnie Muller (144), who was running to replace his wife who decided to step down, defeated first time candidate Holly Liska (52) and held off surging write-in candidate Greg Lawton (106).

A couple of brand new candidates had no challenger. District 4 Kevin Walleser (fills a seat vacated by Mary Bringe) and District 18 Patrick Sullivan (fills a seat vacated by Kelli Mitchell)

For detailed results of other races around Vernon County you can go to the Vernon County Clerk election results spreadsheet here.

Vernon County Board of Supervisors

Percent vote reported 100%

District 1 – Will Beitlich (incumbent) and first time candidate Benjamin Hein

District 2 – first time candidate Loren Bechtum and David Strudthoft (who previously served on the board)

District 3 – Lorn Goede (incumbent) is unopposed.

District 4 – Kevin Walleser will run unopposed to fill the seat being vacated by Mary Bringe.

District 5 – two first time candidates, Nicolas Erlandson and Bruce Kilmer.

District 6 – John Pedretti (incumbent) is unopposed.

District 7 – Mary Meehan-Strub (incumbent) and Nathaniel Slack will be on the ballot. Slack previously ran for that seat and narrowly lost to Lavon “Spanky” Felton. Meehan-Strub was appointed to that seat by Board Chair Lorn Goede after Felton resigned due to a state statute regarding conflict of interest that prevented him from serving.

District 8 – David Eggen (incumbent) is unopposed.

District 9 – Martha Olson (incumbent) is unopposed.

District 10 – Frank Easterday (incumbent) is unopposed.

District 11 – Charles Jacobson (incumbent) is unopposed.

District 12 – Mary Henry (incumbent) is unopposed.

District 13 – Alycann Taylor (incumbent) is unopposed.

District 14 – first time candidate Wayde Lawler and Ole Yttri (incumbent).

District 15 – Sandy Schweiger (incumbent) is unopposed.

District 16 – Paul Wilson (incumbent) is unopposed.

District 17 – first time candidate Holly Liska and Lonnie Muller will be on the ballot. Muller’s wife Gail currently serves in that seat and has decided not to run again.

District 18 – first time candidate Patrick Sullivan is unopposed.

District 19 – Kay Stanek (incumbent) is unopposed.

Westby School Board

Eric Evenstad ran against Gary Brueggen for Westby School Board seat 5

City of Westby

The Westby City Council Ward 1 seat is the only contested race. Incumbent Mark Hendrickson is being challenged by Joel Strangstalien. Incumbent Phil Strand, who represents Ward 3, is unopposed. Sue Kastensen is running for the Ward 2 seat unopposed.

Coon Valley Village Trustees

In the village of Coon Valley three incumbent candidates Amy Stakston-Wiedemann, Russ Cornford and Matthew Helgerson ran for three positions on the Board of Trustees.

School referendums

De Soto Schools Referendum

Kickapoo Schools Referendum (Vernon County Only)

Westby Schools Referendum

Statewide referendum questions (Vernon County Only)

Question 1

Question 2

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