Kickapoo Valley Reserve announces Jason Leis as new Executive Director

LA FARGE, Wis. – The Kickapoo Valley Reserve announced this week it has chosen Jason Leis as the organization’s new Executive Director. The announcement states that Leis has a proven track record of leadership, a deep commitment to land and cultural conservation, and a wealth of experience to his role.

Leis has been an employee of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve for over 19 years, with an extensive background in natural resource management and a passion for preserving the beauty, ecological and cultural significance of our natural landscapes. His previous role has been the longtime Land Manager and head of Law Enforcement, showcasing his dedication to sustainable practices and community engagement.

“I am honored and excited to lead the Kickapoo Valley Reserve in its mission to protect and preserve,” said Leis. “Together with the dedicated team at the Reserve, I am committed to creating stability, providing leadership and enhancing the overall experience with my career of service to this place.”

The Kickapoo Valley Reserve is renowned for its commitment to conservation, education, and outdoor recreation. With Jason Leis at the helm, the organization looks forward to building upon its successes and furthering its impact in the community.

“As a Board of Directors, we are thrilled to work with Jason to continue the mission of the Reserve to Protect and Preserve this unique landscape with its many natural, cultural and educational features” said Board Chair Scott Lind.

Leis officially assumes the role of Executive Director on January 3. The Kickapoo Valley Reserve invites the community to join in welcoming Jason Leis and looks forward to a promising future under his leadership.

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