Governor Evers signs agricultural road improvement bill at Servais farm in Stoddard

STODDARD — Gov. Tony Evers today, during June Dairy Month, visited Hamburg Hills Farm in Stoddard to sign Senate Bill 247, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 13, to expand the Local Roads Improvement Program (LRIP) to include agricultural road improvement projects by creating the Agricultural Roads Improvement Program. The move by the governor today to help support local agricultural road improvement projects statewide comes as yesterday, Gov. Evers enacted 2023 Wisconsin Act 12 to provide a historic increase in state support to local communities across Wisconsin. 

LRIP provides significant state support to help local governments improve seriously deteriorating county highways and roads in municipalities, towns, and villages across the state. The Agricultural Roads Improvement Program would be created under LRIP to make targeted investments in eligible projects that support agriculture that would likely otherwise not receive funding from other state aid programs.

“I am proud to be celebrating June Dairy Month in America’s Dairyland today by signing bipartisan legislation to support our farmers, producers, and our agricultural industry,” said Gov. Evers. “A top priority for me from the beginning has been fixing our roads and bridges and making sure our infrastructure is prepared for the 21st century. 

“The quality of our local roads, bridges, and highways is critical to the success of our farmers, their families, and our state’s economy,” Gov. Evers continued. “By improving agricultural roads across our state, we’re helping ensure our agricultural industries can get product to market, keep food on grocery store shelves and on our tables, and support rural communities and economies. This bill is great news for farmers and folks across our state, and I’m grateful for the bipartisan work to get this done this session.” 

Senate Bill 247, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 13:

  • Creates a new program under the Local Roads Improvement Program, the Agricultural Roads Improvement Program, for improving agricultural roads that would likely not receive priority from other state aid programs; and
  • Specifies eligibility requirements for a project to receive funding under the program. 

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