DNR focuses on recruiting, retaining and reactivating hunting mentors and instructors through R3 program

Avid hunters and trappers think about their favorite outdoor activity all year, not just during the open hunting seasons. In the off-season, they are cleaning old gear, purchasing new gear, planning for next fall, attending sport shows and networking with fellow hunters and trappers.

If that sounds like you, there are numerous opportunities to share your passion and excitement.

Wisconsin has a team dedicated to recruit, retain and reactivate (R3) people involved with these outdoor activities. DNR staff and conservation partners are coordinating programs and opportunities around the state on a wide variety of topics, and they want your help. Consider getting involved in any of the following areas:

  • Volunteer instructor: Become a hunter or trapper education instructor. Lead or assist with a hunting or trapping program or event.
  • Volunteer mentor: Take a novice hunting or trapping.
  • Shooting range volunteer: Help keep our ranges clean and safe.
  • Landowners: Provide managed access to your property for novice hunters and trappers.
  • Donations: Help keep program costs down or donate equipment.

Visit the DNR’s Event Calendar to see some of the programs and events planned so far. If you are interested in getting involved in these or similar events, please contact any of the R3 coordinators listed below. All volunteers must pass a background check before getting involved.

  • Brock Rosenkranz, National Deer Association; 608-475-0751
    Adult firearm deer hunting
  • Quinn Erdman, Pass it On Outdoor Mentors; 316-833-7890
    Hunt coordination for youth and shooting sports athletes
  • Gregg Kurzynski, Raised At Full Draw; 715-651-8033
    Archery hunting
  • John Motoviloff, Pheasants Forever; 608-640-6956
    Pheasant hunting
  • Peggy Farrell, Becoming an Outdoorswoman; 715-346-4681
    Programming focused on women
  • Emily lehl, Wisconsin DNR; 608-445-8168
  • General hunting and shooting ranges
  • Shawn Rossler, Wisconsin DNR; 608-225-2663

For more information about the R3 program, visit the DNR’s R3 webpage.

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