City of Viroqua reminder, end of “No Mow May” means its time to mow again

As we near the end of the month, the City would like to remind all residents and property owners that No Mow May officially ends on May 31st.

All properties should be brought into compliance according to Viroqua Municipal Code Chapter 8.32. Please note that the ordinance has been recently amended. In addition to the prohibition of noxious weeds, the ordinance prohibits all grasses exceeding eight (8) inches in length unless such grasses are (a) located at least 3 feet away from any property line and (b) located within an established landscaping bed. This ordinance applies to all private property, boulevards, and street right of ways abutting said property.

The City is providing a grace period through Sunday June 2nd, 2024, to allow additional time to bring properties into compliance. Any residents or property owners whose property is not in compliance after this grace period has ended will, per ordinance, receive a citation. The City is no longer sending notifications ahead of citations being issued.

When bringing your property into compliance, the Viroqua Public Works Department offers the following reminders:

  • Compost must be placed in a can, box, or bag and left curbside. Materials left in heavy or awkward to lift containers (ex. wheelbarrows) will NOT be emptied. Do not use tarps.
  • Do not rake grass clippings into the street.
  • Residents may take brush and compost to the City brush/compost site located off of Lewison Cut-Across Road between State Hwy 56 and Cty SS. The site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please place brush in the appropriate locations as indicated by the signs.

The City is happy to see so many people participating in No Mow May. We are kindly asking for everyone to assist in closing out the month properly as well.

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