The DNR's Shooting Range Grant Program, which has $800,000 available this year, is accepting applications through July 15, 2024. / Photo Credit: Council To Advance Hunting And The Shooting Sports

Applications for DNR shooting range grants due by July 15

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is accepting applications for the Shooting Range Grant Program now through July 15, 2024. 

The program has $800,000 available for range improvement projects.

The grant program provides financial assistance for creating safe and accessible firearm and archery shooting opportunities for the public. Shooting ranges that offer public hours are eligible, including privately owned facilities. Managers of existing ranges or those interested in building new ranges are encouraged to apply, especially if near heavily populated areas and if ranges offer public educational programs for hunting and shooting sports.

Previous grant-funded projects include renovating or constructing backstops, shooting benches, restrooms and indoor ranges. Former grant winners are welcome to apply again. The shooting range grant is administered as reimbursement for incurred expenses. All new construction must be ADA-compliant.

In 2023, the DNR awarded the full program budget of $800,000 to 18 projects, leveraging $458,596 in matching contributions and $1,258,596 in total project costs.

A federal excise tax on firearms, ammunition and archery equipment makes the funding for the shooting range grant possible.

More information about applying and eligible items can be found on the DNR’s Shooting Range Grant Program webpage.

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